Feynman’s Path Integrals in Non-Relativistic Quantum Mechanics

Pooya Farrokhi, Physics Undergraduate Student, Sharif University of Technology

In a few lectures, we review the foundations of path integral formalism of non-relativistic quantum mechanics. No prior knowledge of this subject is assumed and a mere understanding of the principles of quantum mechanics suffices to grasp the material we develop.
We aim to cover the following topics:
– Deriving the path integral method and its equivalence to the standard formalism
– A note on the classical limit of QM in the light of path integral formalism
– A note on the relation between quantum propagators and partition functions
– Aharanov-Bohm effect
– Fluctuation determinant as a method of solving certain path integral problems
– Fermionic and Bosonic path integral and a touch of anyons
– Perturbation
However, this syllabus is a bit dynamic and might change a little. We may even have to skimp on some of the aforementioned topics, hopefully not omitting anything.

1st Session: December 10, 2020

2nd Session: December 17, 2020