Quantum Optics

Erfan Azizkhani, Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Student, Sharif University of Technology

Textbook: Introductory Quantum Optics (Christopher Gerry, Peter Knight)

In these sessions we want to study quantum optics and see some of its simple applications in engineering. For this purpose, we have chosen Knight as the main source and used other books such as Boyd Nonlinear Optics and Grynberg Quantum Optics, because they explain some topics better and more explicit.
We will also see coherence, spontaneous emission and interaction with atoms. If we don’t have lack of time, we will have more content.

1st Session August 19, 2020
2nd Session August 25, 2020
3rd Session September 1, 2020
4th Session September 23, 2020
5th Session September 30, 2020
6th Session October 12, 2020
7th Session October 19, 2020
8th Session  October 26 ,2020
9th Session  October 26 ,2020
10th Session November 18, 2020
11th Session  December 2, 2020
12th Session December 9, 2020

13th Session December 16, 2020
14th Session March 31, 2021
15th Session April 7, 2021