In the following years, the need for a serious academic environment between the students in our department was felt more than ever. So we decided to establish an organized system for academic discussions. This program consisted of lectures on different topics such as Thermodynamics, Electrodynamics, Statistical Mechanics, and so on. In these lectures, each student selects a book and presents it for a semester.

Our Sessions are held weekly in Quanta Virtual Class (

Fall 2021 Semester

Physics from Finance, General Relativity

Summer 2021 Semester

Linear Algebra, Astronomy Study Circle, General Relativity

Spring 2021 Semester

QM for Mathematicians, General Relativity, Topology, Advanced Statistical Mechanics, Topology, Linear Algebra

Fall 2020 Semester

Classical Mechanics, Physics of Music, Quantum Optics

Summer 2020 Semester

Advanced Quantum Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Quantum Optics

Spring 2020 Semester

Group and Representation Theory, Electrodynamics, Kinetic Theory

Fall 2019 Semester

Group and Representation Theory, Electrodynamics, Kinetic Theory, Fluid Dynamics