Lambda is a friendly circle with the objective of encouraging students to start taking part in scientific activities, created by enthusiastic first-year students in 2019. Lectures held in this circle contain a wide range of topics from physics to mathematics, computer science and, natural science.

Our Sessions are held weekly on Thursdays in Quanta Virtual Class ( at 17:00 (13:30 GMT)


Cellular Automata

Lecturer: Fateme Ramezanzade

Feynman’s Lost Lecture

Lecturer: Alireza Same

Solar Physics Challenges

Lecturer: Negin Khosravaninezhad

Winding Number and some Knot Theory

Lecturer: Ahmad Ramezanpur

Introductory Game Theory

Lecturer: Mobashere Zarabie

More is different (Anderson – 1972)

Lecturer: Seyed Hossien Mahdaei

Digital Physics

Lecturer: Saleh Shamloo

Imaging a Black Hole with EHT

Lecturer: Ermia Etemadi Bouroujeni

Quantum Hall Effect

Lecturer: Shagayegh Emami

Cosmic Inflammation

Lecturer: Bahar Nikbakht

The Effect of Gravity on Light

Lecturer: Hossein Mahdaei

Equilibrium Thermodynamics

Lecturer: Hossein Mahdaei, Zahra Akbari, Shaghayegh Emami, Muhammed Jamshidi, Saleh Shamloo, Ermia Etemadi