On Quantizing an Ideal Monatomic Gas

Parsa Rangriz, Physics & Mathematics Undergraduate Student, Sharif University of Technology

Date (1st Session): August 17, 2020

Date (2nd Session): August 24, 2020

In 1923, Fermi wrote a paper about the constant term in entropy and this paper is of historical interest, since it shows for the first time the concern of Fermi for division of phase space. After a year, in 1924, he wrote a new paper and used Sommerfeld’s quantization rules to declare some features of identical particles. He concluded that Sommerfeld’s rules are not sufficient and they won’t be able to find some complements. When Pauli, in 1925, published his paper about exclusion principle, Fermi found a new way to complete his idea about Monoatomic gases and showed his recent distribution, which we now call “Fermi-Dirac Statics”, is a complete description of a new kind of particles, so called “fermions”.