A great lack of the bachelor program is the motivation behind the advanced topics in the text books. This motivation usually lies in understanding the historical development of the said topic, which is mostly absent in the undergraduate courses. So in these weekly talks each student presents the most popular historical papers in Classical Fields such as Classical Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Statistical Physics, Relativity and etc.

Our Sessions are held weekly on Saturdays in Quanta Virtual Class (vc.sharif.edu/ch/quanta) at 20:00 (16:30 GMT).

Quantum-Theoretical Re-Interpretation of Kinematic and Mechanical Relations

Werner Heisenberg – 1925

Lecturer: S. Hossein Mahdaei

Quantization as an Eigenvalue Problem

Erwin Schr̦dinger Р1926

Lecturer: Mohammad Sharifi

On the Annihilation of Electron and Proton

Paul Dirac – 1930

Lecturer: Saba Etezad Razavi

On Quantizing an Ideal Monatomic Gas

Enrico Fermi – 1926

Lecturer: Parsa Rangriz

The Theory of Electrons and Protons

Paul Dirac – 1930

Lecturer: Saba Etezad Razavi

Die Grundlagen der Physik

David Hilbert – 1913

Lecturer: Hooman Zareh

On the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen-Paradox

John Stewart Bell – 1964

Lecturer: Zahra Kabiri

The Quantum Theory of the Electron

Paul Dirac – 1928

Lecturer: Kuroush Allameh

On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies

Albert Einstein – 1905

Lecturer: Mohammad Noori